Ria's Rosy Lee

Seen here is just a small selection of display items we bring to events.  We are always researching and adding to ensure the displays are extensive and authentic.

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Family At War

Ria is also part of Family At War an interactive  

re-enactment group portraying life on the Home Front during World War Two.  Comprising of Ria, her husband,  & parents this incorporates displays and talks on the following:

-A display of items found at home used in the daily running of the house

-Wartime rationing & baking explaining the Ministry of Food scheme & Dig for Victory.  This can include cooking demonstrations if required.

-The roles of women other than keeping the home fires burning focusing on Womens Home Guard Auxillaries, Womens Institute, & Red Cross

-Volunteer Radio Interceptor work using morse code and specialist equipment such as a HRO receiver, to intercept messages for Bletchley Park to decode.  This involves live morse code, and gives children the opprtunity to practice & learn on a morse key.

-The history of the Home Guard from it's inception as the LDV , through to training & weapons.


Family At War are happy to travel throughout the country to events or give a talk to your group/school.  Any or all aspects can be booked, availability subject to date of booking.  Please get in touch using details on contact page.